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The Lu Ming model is a comprehensive enterprise with a collection of model design and multimedia digital technology. The company has advanced planners, architectural designers, landscape designers, advanced optoelectronic engineers, model experts and senior managers, and has a high quality construction team. Since its establishment, the company has been established. With the strict and humanized management, advanced innovation design concept, excellent professional production level, reliable quality assurance and perfect after-sales service, the company has won the high recognition of many famous brands in the industry, and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. The company is now more focused on mansion villa, commercial integration, The design and production of high-end tourism and urban planning projects make unremitting efforts to build quality sand tables.

Company profile

  • High end housing model

    High end housing model

    Luxury villa, high-end villa, high-rise residential, business matching
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  • Unit model

    Unit model

    Flat level apartment, duplex apartment, villas monomer, whole level apartment.
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  • Business integrated model

    Business integrated model

    High end residential communities, five A-level office buildings, large commercial buildings
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    15 Year 

    Professional experience

    Force to do the top three of the industry


    Tens of thousands of service projects

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    Service hotline

    +86-156 1859 9898


    Enterprise address

    No. 312, Ruijin two, Whampoa District, Shanghai

    Building 4, No. 8, Hengyong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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    Online service
    service hotline
    Service time:
    7:30 - 17:30


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